Daily Activities

What are Our Daily Activities

Activities of daily living include the tasks we do each day to take care of ourselves, like personal hygiene or preparing meals. First Divine Care offers certified home health aides who assist patients with daily living activities while they are under the care of home healthcare carers.

At First Divine Care we teach patients and their loved ones to care for their needs independently at home. However, many home healthcare patients are still very sick. Sometimes strange symptoms, pain or major concerns come up. When this happens, Our Daily Activity team members are available to offer appropriate guidance.

Benefits of FDC Daily Activities

Personal Care

Daily activities offer the benefits of being able to build a personal relationship with the carers looking after your relative. This type of elderly care offers real flexibility, as the needs and wants of the care recipient will always be the highest priority.

Assisting with basic activities and daily living needs

Providing the means for an older person to move freely in and around their property impacts all aspects of their life, particularly mental health, and well-being.

Assured Quality Care

Are there security checks for carers? – Private in-home care agencies complete Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks for all carers. Further, at Fenovy  Personnel, it is standard procedure to follow up with each carers’ references. This is done to ensure that references check out and to inquire about the quality of care delivered by a carer and whether it is up to the Fenovy standard – above par care that is delivered with compassion.